About Us

Lone Pine
Lone Pine from the peak of Mt. Whitney

Breanne Thompson – Co-founder

I grew up in Lone Pine, CA along the 395. This is where my love first started while I was immersed in pure beauty. Whether I was wandering Horseshoe Meadows, climbing around the Alabama Hills, skiing the slopes of Mammoth or hiking the countless trails of the Sierras I loved everything about it. I want "love 395" to be an outlet for my passion for the area and with a little help from some friends I want to share that passion with everyone by offering quality clothing and other cool merchandise that promotes this area and lets others show they "love 395" too.


Matt Thompson – Co-founder

Born and raised in Southern California, I met Breanne when she ventured out of the little town of Lone Pine to go to college. She was stoked I even knew where Lone Pine was. I made many road trips as a child and as an adult to: Lone Pine, Bishop, Mammoth and Lake Tahoe, traveling many miles of the 395. My love for the 395 and the areas surrounding it continues to this day as Breanne and I still bring our kids on a regular basis to the area to visit family, enjoy the beauty of nature and take in all the other wonders the area has to offer. We hope to bring to others a quality product that promotes the area and share all the reasons we "love 395"